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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Virtual Piano Lessons: Offer live virtual piano lessons to students all over the world. This would include one-on-one sessions with professional piano instructors, as well as group classes and workshops.

2. Interactive Sheet Music: Create an interactive sheet music section on the website where users can not only view and download sheet music, but also listen to audio recordings and watch video tutorials of the pieces being played.

3. Piano Community: Build an online community for piano enthusiasts to connect, share their music, and discuss techniques and tips. This could also include a forum for asking questions and getting feedback from other members.

4. Piano Concert Livestreams: Partner with renowned pianists to livestream their concerts on the website, giving users the opportunity to experience live performances from the comfort of their own home.

5. Piano Composition Contests: Host regular composition contests on the website, encouraging users to showcase their original piano compositions and awarding prizes to the winners.

6. Piano Practice Tracker: Develop a practice tracker feature where users can log their practice sessions and set goals for themselves. This could also include progress tracking and personalized recommendations for improvement.

7. Piano Accompaniment Tracks: Create a library of piano accompaniment tracks for popular songs, making it easier for singers and instrumentalists to practice and perform with accompaniment.

8. Piano Resources and Reviews: Offer reviews and recommendations for pianos, keyboards, and other equipment, as well as resources for learning piano, such as books, apps, and online tutorials.

9. Piano Podcasts: Produce and release a regular podcast focused on all things piano, featuring interviews with musicians, discussions on technique and theory, and more.

10. Collaborative Performance Platform: Create a platform where pianists can collaborate with other musicians from around the world, recording and sharing their performances together. This could also include virtual duets and group performances.

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